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This bike was picked out by  Roy, rest his soul,  and bought originally for the now ex-wife which never deserved it anyways in my opinion based on how she truly felt according to her words.


She decided in the beginning of the divorce that this bike was not the right color, size and over all bike of her liking anymore after 2 years of enjoying it. She wanted at her age and, in her own words " I am selling it to move onto bigger and better things..!!"


And thus it is now Jimbo's bike.


 I would not allow this machine to go to the way side after so MANY HOURS and favors by friends were placed into this bike. It was built as a labor of love and I intend on finding someone who will appreciate the bike as it was built.


Special thanks still goes out to Joe for all the fab work he did on the tank. To Scott and Sue for all the hard work put into the beautiful paint and body work.


 Also a great thanks to FREDS who use to be located in Livonia.


Without true and special friends as these, life would not be so pleasant. I am truly blessed by great family and great friends in this life.