Engraved Examples












We also offer custom engraving on the glasses for an extra fee to personalize that glass an truly make it your own  with your supplied .DFX art work file or we can work with you for that custom look for you .













All the shot glasses from aluminum out there are made from 6061. So called “aircraft aluminum”. Ready for a little history lesson? Raw aluminum in its natural state is almost useless. It’s about one step above clay. During WWll they started adding alloys to the aluminum to give it some strength. Light weight and strong, just what a B-17 needs. Hence the name aircraft aluminum. Now fast forward 70 years. Not much isn’t lighter and stronger. Big changes have happened to our metals. 6061 is now the industry standard for machined parts. Today’s aircraft, 7075 and 2024. Both the same weight as 6061, but almost twice as strong.










Different Colored Glasses Available

Color Required


Solid Brass, These glasses are made for 340 lead free brass. The rich luster of this material and shear weight lets you know, you have something special in your hand. Put this glass in the freezer along with you favorite spirits and this will be one cold drink. Brass will tarnish with time, but a little polish, some love, and the finish will be one you can be proud of.


The stainless steel shot glass is made from 303 medical and food grade stainless. This shot glass will come very nicely finished, a finish that will last a life time. So when your old and gray, and enjoying a fine 2013 vintage bottle with your friend of 40+ years, they will look the same then, as they do today.




6AL-V4 Titanium

Titanium is half the weight of steel yet is twice and strong. 6AL-V4 is a Titanium alloy. This has been the corner stone of everything high performance over the past 50 years. There are a few variations of this alloy for more specific needs but most all are met with V4. This shot glass will be handed down for generations to come. It won’t rust, corrode, oxidize, discolor, distort or change shape up to 2500 degrees F. It is for the most demanding of customers.












Colored Titanium

Pure copper is now available.

These are very unique and first ever made. The material is more expensive than the brass or stainless, but when you consider that fine spirits have been made using copper setups for centuries..... You cant help but want the best for your spirit.

You will love these and make them your new favorite!


Overkill you ask?

You bet!